All of the bot commands within their sections.

Admins Commands:

  • setchannel - Sets the channel where birthday announcements will be sent.

  • delchannel - Remove the configured announcement channel.

  • role - Set up a birthday role.

  • delrole - Remove the configured birthday role.

  • forcesetup - Forcefully set up a member's birthday.

  • announce - Force announce a member's birthday.

  • purge - Remove a user's birthday.

  • purgeall - Remove the birthdays of users that have left the server.

  • check - Check whether a user has a birthday setup.

  • togglesetup - Toggle the ability for members/roles to set up their birthday.

  • toggleping - Toggle what is mentioned when a member's birthday is announced.

  • blacklist - Blacklist a member from using the bot on the server.

  • blacklistrole - Blacklist a role preventing role members from using the bot.

  • blacklisted - List of all the server blacklisted users.

  • whitelist - Whitelist a member to resume using the bot.

  • whitelistrole - Whitelist a role so its members can resume using the bot.

Premium Commands:

  • age - Add your age to your birthday announcement.

  • delage - Remove the age you have set.

  • toggleage - Toggle the ability for users to add their ages into birthday announcements.

  • setimage - Set the birthday announcements embed image.

  • delimage - Remove the configured image for announcement embeds.

  • setmessage - Set the birthday announcement message.

  • delmessage - Remove the configured birthday announcement message.

  • setprefix - Set a custom prefix for this server.

User Commands:

  • setup - Set your timezone and birthday.

  • birthday - View your birthday information.

  • preview - Preview how your announcement will look.

  • clear - Remove the birthday that you have stored.

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • analytics - View the main bot's analytics from Void Bots.

  • birthdays - View the configured birthdays for the server.

  • help - View all the bot commands.

  • server - View the bot configuration and birthday statistics.

  • stats - View the statistics of the bot.

  • info - View bot information.

  • shardinfo - View the statistics of all the shards.

  • debug - Debug the bots required permissions.

  • bug - Report a bug.

  • ping - View the latency of the bot and API.

  • invite - A link to invite the bot.

  • privacy - Privacy policy of the bot.

  • suggest - Suggest a feature for the bot.

  • rate - Rate the bot on various bot lists.

  • reviews - Look at the bot's reviews from Void Bots.

  • vote - Links to vote for the bot.

  • voted - Check when you or others last voted.

  • votes - View all of the bot voters.

  • premium - View bot's premium information.

  • redeem - Redeem a subscription for this server.